Purpose of the Job

HSR is a fast growing, well established Allied Health Practice providing in-house and community-based services to families within the greater Nairobi Area. We pride ourselves in delivering family-centred care with excellent client outcomes.

We are seeking a highly meticulous and system-oriented person on a 1 – 2-month contract (full-time) to work closely with the CEO in documenting the practice’s SOPs (standard operating procedures) using a web-based software.

You will be instrumental in helping the organisation document and standardise each and every one of our workflows in repeatable systems and processes that the various team members can use to achieve specified outcomes consistently.

About the role:

  • Streamlining our manual processes so that they are clear, replicable, documented, supported by tools and easily accessible
  • Identify opportunities for business processes’ optimisation as well as identify redundant processes that can be eliminated
  • Develop business modelling standards and guidelines
  • Utilise notes (written and voice) to document a process
  • Develop workflows for the various work tasks
  • Test out a process and report on its efficaciousness

About you:

  • Experience in systems creation
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • A keen eye and thoroughness in activities undertaken
  • Ability to visualise a process, and uncover missed steps
  • Clarity in own thought processes
  • Attuned to systems in own life and work
  • Highly organised and efficient
  • Evidence-based; sees the sense in scientific methodologies

Interested in the Job?

To apply, please provide your resume, and cover letter to recruitment@speechtherapytotos.com

NB: The cover letter is to be no longer than two pages.

Within your cover letter please;

  • Quote at least 2 similar positions/contracts held and outcomes realised.
  • Detail other skills you possess that can be beneficial to this role.
  • Include a minimum of 2 references.


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