Are you feeling hopeless & dejected because your child is not talking or talking as much as they should?

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    Start expanding your child’s language skills now

    Is your child aged between 2 and 5 years and hasn’t achieved age-appropriate language skills?
    Are you trying to encourage your child to say more, but you feel frustrated at the little to no progress?
     Is your child’s language delay also causing unsavoury tantrums, that leave you feeling so worn down?
    Have so-called specialists diagnosed your child and given you an outlook of doom?
    Are you the kind of parent that likes to take matters in their own hands?

     Become a pro at growing your CHILD'S speech (+language) skills

    Why is it so difficult to just get your child to talk?
    Should I just enrol my child to school?
    Or, I enrolled my child to school, but not much progress so far...
    What if my child will never talk?

    Are you thinking...

    I have NEVER met a child whose language skills I could not improve! And you are CAPABLE of growing your child’s language skills with some instruction

    Good news

    You will learn:
    - What the critical brain development period is and why you cannot ignore this small window of opportunity in your child’s language development

    - The impact screens (TV, smart phones, tablets, etc.) have on your child’s language development

    - 2 common mistakes parents are making that discourage your child’s language growth and tips for how to start getting your child to talk more even if you’re not an expert.

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    What you will learn in the FREE snippet of the Late-Talker's Bootcamp course

    Hi, I’m your teacher, Lorna Muthamia-Ochido. I run a family-centred speech-language therapy clinic, the largest in East and Central Africa. I’ve helped 10,000+ children optimise their communication outcomes (in other words, I make children smarter ☺).
    My most important job however has been to empower parents- equip them with the necessary skills to mitigate their children’s speech/ language difficulties and set them on a trajectory of lifelong success. Foundation, is the key.

    Who am I ?

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