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Our organisation’s mission is to provide evidence based services that seek to not only improve communication and learning outcomes for children, but also seek to empower and educate parents and institutions who are key agents to ensuring children exploit their full potential.

We are committed:

- To ensuring our services are sustainable through the consistent commitment to ongoing training, supervision and mentorship of our staff.

- To utilising evidence based methodologies and modern technology in our service provision.         
 - To ensuring that each family that seeks our services receives a compassionate service delivered by caring and dedicated staff who are also professional, competent and well informed.

- To delivering an unparalleled high standard of service.
 - To increasing awareness of the speech and language therapy profession to all and particularly to policy makers as such an awareness will serve our purpose of improving outcomes  for children.

Our Mission

Early SCREENING for Autism Makes a Lifetime of Difference


Hi! I’m Lorna Muthamia.

I help children be their very best at communicating. No more tantrums (big sigh). But seriously, Myself along with the HearSay & Read team CAN help your child talk more, talk clearly, learn faster and read effectively.

HearSay & Read Clinic is your trusted speech therapy provider. We have served over 10,000 children since 2011 and continue to serve an average of 600 children every month.

HearSay & Read was established by Lorna Muthamia-Ochido in 2010 in order to provide a much needed specialist service specifically designed to enhance communication and literacy skills of pre and school-aged children, adults and parents.

Together with our team of qualified speech and language therapists and speech therapist assistants, our focus is on delivery of highly successful, evidence- based, specialist speech therapy services to children with communication and literacy difficulties whilst also educating and empowering family members. Our qualified speech therapists and assistants assess and run individual and group therapy sessions in our clinic, at schools and hospitals.

This online space is also dedicated to sharing quality, evidence-based content that can add to your knowledge base as you endeavour to locate information to help you make sound decisions about your child’s learning journey.

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We are a family centred practice with a heart of empowering families and involving them in the therapy journey.




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Lets Talk about Lorna

Lorna Muthamia founded HearSay & Read Clinic in 2010. She has enjoyed an exciting and successful career in speech therapy in New Zealand, Australia and currently, Kenya. She is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia (MSPA) and New Zealand Speech Therapists’ Association (MNZSTA).

She has worked in a variety of settings including: hospitals, adult rehabilitation centres, mainstream schools and private clinics and gained a depth of experience in both pediatrics and adult populations with a range of disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Severe Language Delay, Articulation Disorder, Literacy and Phonological Disorders, Dysphasia, Dysarthria, Dysphagia, etc.).

She has a commitment to continuing professional development and evidence- based practices. She is a course creator and regularly conducts training sessions to speech therapist assistants and mentors speech therapy students.

Lorna Muthamia, is a self-proclaimed teacher with an inherent ability to simplify even the most obscure concepts for people, both children and adults. She can naturally get down to a child’s level and contrastively, can deliver very high energy, practical and interactive training sessions to adults.

Lorna Muthamia is driven by her profound interest in providing efficient and effective solutions to issues. She has been able to devise a sustainable model for speech therapy practice in an underserved country such as Kenya due to the problem it faces, i.e. shortage of speech therapists.

Lorna Muthamia ~ Ochido