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Late-Talker's Bootcamp

Expand your child’s language skills, from home, using proven speech therapy techniques, while having fun.

Learn how to grow your child’s speech and language skills at home like a pro and get your child to rapidly increase their vocabulary in as little as 60 days.

You watch as other children your child’s age, even younger, become talkers. 

You have heard everyone tell you that each child develops at their own pace, but those words no longer offer you any comfort.

You understand that getting your child to talk means less tantrums, which quite frankly, you look forward to.

You are desperate to hear your child call you “mama” and start to communicate their needs, but nothing seems to be working.

For months and months I have pondered on how I can be able to serve more families in spite of my long waiting list and I am so thrilled to bring our wildly successful program to parents like you, who may not be in a position to access consistent speech therapy services for their child.

I have compiled the industry’s most successful strategies backed by evidence, into a step by step program called Late-Talker's Bootcamp.

This program teaches you the exact steps to systematically grow your child’s language skills, establish a strong foundation for all other learning. In Late-Talker's Bootcamp, you will avoid common mistakes made by most parents, which hold back their children’s language development. 

I so hear you!

Imagine If

- Imagine if you no longer needed to worry about whether your child could express their needs
- Imagine if your child could attend school/pre-school with the rest of his
age-matched peers
- Imagine if you didn’t have to feel guilty about your child’s delayed
language skills
- Imagine if you didn’t have to explain your child’s delays to people
- Imagine if you could have a conversation with your child


 Module 1: Setting a good foundation
  Module 2: Before your child starts to talk
  Module 3: How to stimulate language
Module 4: First words
Module 5: Tips for encouraging your child to talk

1. Handouts on what’s been covered
2. List of the first 50 words to teach your child
3. List of jingles (and lyrics) and Learning- to-
Listen sounds
4. Printable flashcards


What will you learn in these 5 modules? 

Late-Talker’s Bootcamp 1.0 

Late-Talker’s Bootcamp 2.0
What will you learn in these 9 modules?
Module 1: Setting a good foundation
       Module 2: Before your child starts to talk 
Module 3: Stages of language development 
Module 4: How to stimulate language
Module 5: First words 
Module 6: How to increase your child's mean length of utterance
Module 7: Giving instructions to grow your child's language
Module 8: Building receptive and expressive language skills
Module 9: Tips for encouraging your child to say more  

Late-Talker’s Bootcamp 2.0 

What will you learn in these 9 modules? 

How about some bonuses!

Hi, I'm your teacher Lorna Muthamia-Ochido

I run a family-centred speech-language therapy clinic, the largest in East and Central Africa. I’ve helped more than 10,000 children optimise their communication outcomes (in other words, I make children smarter ☺). My most important job however has been to empower parents- equip them with the necessary skills to mitigate their children’s speech/ language difficulties and set them on a trajectory of lifelong success.

Foundation, is the key. Because I work in an underserved country, I have not always been able to make my services accessible to all who need it, which compelled me to find a way to get this much needed training out to parents so that they too can be empowered to make the difference in their child’s life. I am a mama of 3 (Mor- 7; Marwa- 5 and Mara- 1) and a proud homeschooler- I am passionate about enriching children’s learning journey and bringing down barriers that prevent them from succeeding.


- If you have a child aged between 2 – 5 years, who has delayed language skills, i.e. your child is 2 years, but doesn’t have 100 words; 3 years, but doesn’t have 500 words or is 4 or 5 years, but not able to tell a simple story or respond to simple questions
- If you are a proactive parent, who likes to take matters into your own hands when it comes to your child’s development and learning and would like to see your child make steep progress with his or her expressive language skills
- If you have been referred to or are even attending speech therapy services, but would like to learn some of the techniques needed to fast track your child’s language growth
- If you are prepared to put in the work outlined; have a go-getter attitude .

Is this program for you?

- If you’ve chosen to believe your child will never talk because someone said as much to you
- If you prefer to spectate rather than actively participate in your child’s language development
- If your child is younger than 2 years. I have another better fit program for children younger than 2 years and for parents whose children aren’t delayed, but would wish to learn how to stimulate language to make your child smarter

Late-Talker's Bootcamp simplifies the steps you need to take to help your child start talking or expand their vocabulary.

This program is however not for you?

I met Lorna for the first time about 5 years ago( I think) I was not up to a year into the autism journey. I was still dazed, a little depressed and very confused.

Lorna was the second speech therapist we worked with. She employs speech 
therapist assistants, who she trains and oversees. It was while working with her that our son said his first few words. He learned to name the parts of his face, clothing items, modes of transportation, mummy, daddy 
and basic words like that. What joy it was to hear him use his words again.! (I say again because he started communicating verbally before he 
was 1 and shutdown at about 18 months.)

Although Lorna did not personally work with him during every session, she closely supervised and ensured all was on track.
She spent time to answer the many questions I had. And despite her 
busy schedule, she spared a few minutes to chat with me now and then, whenever we went for our sessions. Which I appreciated .

My first impression of Lorna was that she was a focused individual. I 
found her serious, strict and a little intimidating! She carried herself 
with confidence and a sense of purpose.
Her eloquence left me with the impression that I was dealing with someone who knew her craft. I was not disappointed.

Although my son has since transitioned to prep school, Lorna is still my 
go- to person in this world of special needs. I take my kid to her for 
evaluation,I call her up or text her for advise on schools etc, with the certainty that I will get her honest unfiltered opinion.
I call her to say hello and will likely end up with a good advice or two for our kid.

Thank you Lorna for all you do. Keep touching/ transforming lives one 
precious kid at a time.😘😘😘.



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- the simple ways you can maximise on the teaching opportunities that present themselves every day
- how your actions may be holding back your child’s language skills and how to turn these around
- the various language stimulatory techniques that will grow your child’s language effortlessly
And much much more!

In the program you will learn: 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long can I access the course for?
How about forever! You can access the course from as soon as you enrol and all through any updates we make on the course.

2. Can I still purchase the course if my child is older than 5 years, but is delayed in their language skills?

The course gives you the knowledge of how you ought to interact with your child in order to ensure each interaction maximises their ability to expand their language skills. It therefore can benefit other age groups, but I have focused on the 2-5 year old range as great progress can be realised with this group. The course can also be ideal for children under 2 years, but you should mostly focus on some of the modules. Feel free to reach out should you have specific questions.

3. Will the course always be available?
For this first offering of the course, enrolment will open on 4 December, 2018 until 11 December then will close until next year. If you’re interested in this low initial cost extended only to beta testers (people that will be part of the process to improve the course for future parents), you will have to enrol within the above dates or wait until we next announce the future dates. The cost will also double at the next enrolment dates.

4. Can I share my course with friends and family?
I would appreciate if you only use the course to benefit your own child. Copyright ensures that professionals like myself don’t end up having our life’s work distributed in inappropriate channels. For people like myself to continue creating and solving problems, we rely on your sense of integrity. Thank you. If you know someone that would benefit from this course, feel free to share this link with them.

5. Can I claim the cost through my insurance?
I think you may. Find out from your insurance company and I can email you a stamped copy of the receipt for you to use on your claim.

6. Can I get a refund?
Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the outcome after implementing the program, do ask for a refund within 30 days. The program will not work if you do not implement what I teach, so to demonstrate that you have put in the work when requesting a refund, include a write up of what hasn’t worked and I will gladly refund your money.

Please note that if you requested a stamped receipt for your insurance claim, you will not be able to claim a refund.

Late-Talker's Bootcamp comes with my full 100% money back guarantee!

You must be absolutely convinced that my Late-Talker's Bootcamp is the absolute best product you have ever witnessed, used or even heard about... or just let me know and I will gladly refund every single penny.

Take Late-Talker's Bootcamp for a test drive...for 30 days... make sure it delivers what you need to get your child to say 50 words in less than 3 months or you don’t pay a single penny. I value our relationship and my reputation more than one hundred dollars.

And if you don’t get the results, just let me know within 30 days and I will happily refund every single penny – no questions asked!

Refund Policy