Worried your child is delayed in talking? Access Module 1 of my Late Talker’s Bootcamp.

The Late-Talker’s

Wish you had a manual to get your child talking...well, here is one!

The Late-Talker’s Bootcamp is literally your best companion to growing your child’s language. I share simple tips that can help you move your child’s language from where it is to the next level, while also filling any existing gaps that may be holding them back.

Watch n’ Learn:

Do you wish to support your child in order for them to ‘manage’ their stutter/stammer?

Watch n’ Learn: Stuttering series are short videos that get you quick wins, and leave you feeling, “I know what to do here!”. I guide you on how to evaluate if what you’re observing is indeed a stutter, and share some quick tips for how to support your child to be ‘smooth’. You get to learn industry best practices, which can significantly improve your child’s outcomes.

Watch n’ Learning:
Autism Traits

Are you concerned that your child may be showing signs of Autism?

Watch n’ Learn: Autism Traits are short videos that help to demystify Autism. I share my most common observations of children who present with Autism or Autism traits, and highlight some specific things you can do to get your child to start developing typical social and language skills.