Prepositions (Positional Words) Activity



This is a collection of 84 illustrated flash cards in black and white and in colour,bringing the total number of flash cards to 168. The flash cards clearly depict 7 positional words (prepositions) with 2 levels of differentiation.

Prepositions are some of the earlier basic concepts that children learn (usually from day to day interactions), and which help to set a good foundation for language skills. Prepositions (spatial concepts) refer to location words such as in, on, under, etc. and these serve the purpose of helping children understand relationships of things in their environment/ in space.

Children with delayed language skills tend to have difficulty mastering or responding to prepositions, therefore requiring that these concepts are specifically targeted as part of vocabulary and receptive (understanding) language-building, for accelerated language growth.

Teaching children prepositions improves both their understanding (receptive) language skills and it also impacts their expressive language skills.

Improving a child’s understanding improves their ability to talk

Contrary to what parents might imagine, receptive language skills are one of THE most important skills for children with delayed speech to master in order for their talking to be impacted.

This packet includes instruction on how to use these flashcards to promote development across various language domains with your little ones.

Use this pack to boost your child’s vocabulary skills as well as their understanding. This pack can also be used in speech therapy.

Preposition cards are an essential resource for most speech therapists! If you want your child to talk more! Teach them to understand more, ie. give them plenty of instructions! And this pack provides you with something you can focus on for very quick wins!

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