Which Go Together Activity



This pack contains 90 flash cards that children can use to match up semanticpragmatic associations.

Semantics refers to meanings in words (or vocabulary), while pragmatics refers to the social use of language. This activity therefore helps children practise matching related items together and learn the relationship that items have with each other. This pack also helps children improve their cognitive as well as attention skills.

Use this activity to improve cognitive skills in young children, particularly non-verbal children.

  • This activity is also great for increasing attention skills
  • Identify the easier to match pairs and offer the child 1 set of each pairing and place the
  • other among other cards, for them to find and match to the set of the pair given.
  • Eg. you could give the child the picture of ‘rain’ and place the picture of umbrella and 3
  • other pictures on the table for the child to choose which one goes with ‘rain’).
  • You can make this task more complex by offering the child more flash cards to choose
  • from to match
  • You could also make up a laminated board with slots for 6 pictures/flash cards, and
  • place 3 pictures on one side and have the child match the 3 with pictures they place on
  • the opposite side to where you placed the first 3 pictures (velcro would be suitable for this)
  • Always reinforce the vocabulary during matching!

Use the activity in this pack to build your child’s vocabulary.

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