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Are you concerned about your child’s speech development? You’re not alone! Many parents have found hope and progress with our specialized speech therapy services.

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Hear from some of our satisfied parents:
Lucy, Mama Eva Mumbi Designation

“Very good service from my daughter's therapist. Really appreciate her love and care. Excellent service from Judith, she has managed to make my daughter comfortable with her and even look forward to the sessions.”

Monica, Mama Leroy Nathaniel Designation

“My experience with your services has been wonderful. Jacky's patience with Leroy is very commendable. I appreciate the efforts you make in making the sessions a success. I am also seeing improvements in his speech.”

Mary, Mama Gabriel O Designation

“Great service from the speech therapist Jacky M and the lady that calls to confirm appointments.”

Cathy, Mama Hailey Designation

“Your staff is very good with kids. Keep it up.”

Tina, Mama Joseph S Designation

“Our son is speaking with more confidence and ease. Thank you.”

Jannet, Mama Caleb Designation

“Am grateful to have found you.”

Murangiri, Mama Samuel K Designation

“Therapists are very organized and perfect at their job.”

Mercy, Mama Brayden K Designation

“Thank you so much for helping my son learn to communicate and especially for being his favorite person. I am glad we found you, we appreciate your support. Be blessed.”

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand that every child is unique, and our personalized approach ensures that your child receives the best possible care.

    Our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping children overcome their speech and language challenges, and we offer several key benefits:

    We are the largest provider of speech therapy services in East & Central Africa.

    We have well-trained and dedicated staff to ensure there are no stoppages to your child's sessions. If your current therapist is unwell or on leave, we provide another therapist to cover the sessions.