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Stuttering Therapy

We provide stuttering therapy for
preschool-age as well as older children
who stutter (stammer).

Stuttering is considered a disorder affecting the fluency of speech. It
begins in childhood, and in some cases, lasts throughout life. See this article to learn more about stuttering.

‘Stuttering’ and ‘stammering’ refer to exactly the same condition. The
difference in name is location-dependent, i.e. where in the world one is from.

Whilst some children have also been known to spontaneously stop stuttering, most do require therapy, which if not given early (below age 6 years) can result in the stutter becoming established, severe and subsequently difficult to treat.

A child may be experiencing ‘stuttering’ if they display one or more of the following behaviours:


These repetitions may be sounds, words and/or phrases (eg. s s s- sun; sun sun sun- sun; I will I will I will- I will go)


This refers to elongation of sounds during talking (eg. ssssssun- sun)


Goes to say something, but experiences tension and/or a struggle instead


These are additional movements while talking, such as, twitching, blinking, nodding, facial grimaces or irregular breathing

Ideally, children should receive therapy as early as possible as best outcomes are realised when children who stutter receive intervention before their stutter has progressed significantly.

Speech therapy is the only evidence-based intervention for Children or adults who have a stutter.

This is how we can support you to manage your child’s stutter

Face-to-face Sessions

We offer face-to-face speech therapy sessions at one of 2 locations in Nairobi, so if this is accessible for you, we would love to support you in this way. Before any sessions commence, we would need to book your child in for an initial consultation.

Online Sessions

Telehealth can be a viable option for children, who for whatever reason cannot access face-to-face sessions. We run successful online sessions (telehealth) for children of different ages and presenting with different communication difficulties. Before any sessions commence, we would need to book your child in for an initial consultation.

Home Speech

We can also support your child through empowering you with what you can do from home to support their communication. Our online courses are a great resource for any parent wishing to learn how to start supporting their child.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you purchase the video series, you’ll get an email from us with instructions for logging into your course.

No one can promise a ‘cure’ for stuttering, however, there are some effective strategies, which if applied consistently, can ‘manage’ your child’s stuttering. These video series teach some strategies that can help manage the stutter for children who are aged below 6 years.

Great question! No general course could ever replace an individualised speech therapy program. That said, these videos are meant to give you immediately implementable tips should they realise or suspect that your child has developed a stutter. I have found that parents who suspect their child may have a stutter, can in the time between the onset and seeking evaluation, inadvertently contribute to a worsening of the stutter.

These series can help you support your child’s speech, by acting as a stop-gap measure until you are in a position to seek evaluation from a speech therapist. In best case scenarios, these series can help get your child to become stutter-free. The tips I share here can also be used in conjunction with your child’s speech therapy plan.


I am a developmental pediatrician practicing at Gertrude’s children’s hospital. In this capacity I have worked with Lorna and find her to be very professional and passionate about her work.
She is very thorough when evaluating children and is comfortable interacting with other professionals in a multidisciplinary team. She has been a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Alliya Mohamed, MD FAAP.

We first met Lorna when she was referred to us as a speech therapist for our son. After we saw how quickly our son’s speech improved (and how Lorna integrated academic concepts into the therapy), we realized Lorna has a gift for working with children.
Lorna is someone you follow. Lorna…has our highest possible recommendation.

Mama & Baba Gabriel, and Samuel

Our very first meeting with Lorna gave me a great deal of confidence that i was finally at the right place. By the end of that first meeting i got to know for the first time the specific challenge areas that we needed to concentrate on so as to help my daughter along with her speech and i was also equipped with practical skills to further aid her progress. Six months down the line, my daughter can express herself much more clearly and this has given her confidence to make friends at school!


I know Lorna since that time for my son and do not hesitate to discuss with her any issue pertaining to her field. She gives all her time to listen and advices appropriately.
I feel proud to recommend her to any of my colleague, friend or my patients, as I have experienced her services myself. Speech therapy services are quite few in the country and not really affordable for some. Lorna is working hard to provide an affordable, uninterrupted service that the country is really in need of. We really need to support her in this great initiative.

Dr Rohini Patil MBBS, MD (Paed)