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I met Lorna for the first time about 5 years ago( I think) I was not up to a year into the autism journey. I was still dazed, a little depressed and very confused.

Lorna was the second speech therapist we worked with. She employs speech 
therapist assistants, who she trains and oversees. It was while working with her that our son said his first few words. He learned to name the parts of his face, clothing items, modes of transportation, mummy, daddy and basic words like that. What joy it was to hear him use his words again.! (I say again because he started communicating verbally before he 
was 1 and shutdown at about 18 months.)

Although Lorna did not personally work with him during every session, she closely supervised and ensured all was on track.
She spent time to answer the many questions I had. And despite her busy schedule, she spared a few minutes to chat with me now and then, whenever we went for our sessions. Which I appreciated .

My first impression of Lorna was that she was a focused individual. I found her serious, strict and a little intimidating! She carried herself with confidence and a sense of purpose.
Her eloquence left me with the impression that I was dealing with someone who knew her craft. I was not disappointed.

Although my son has since transitioned to prep school, Lorna is still my go- to person in this world of special needs. I take my kid to her for evaluation,I call her up or text her for advise on schools etc, with the certainty that I will get her honest unfiltered opinion. I call her to say hello and will likely end up with a good advice or two for our kid.

Thank you Lorna for all you do. Keep touching/ transforming lives one precious kid at a time. 😘😘😘.


We have had the pleasure of knowing Lorna for five yrs. During the years
of our acquaintance, we have known her in many capacities. We have often come together to synergise our children's well being since our first born was one year old, now six years. It was during this period we noticed how Lorna demonstrated great passion to achieve more especially in nurturing children for life.

Lorna has persistently sort knowledge on the well being of children. This has consistently spilt over to us and we have benefited and seen good results to that effect. To see this website come alive, it is a joy and we are proud of you Lorna. It is time you give back by sharing your wealth of experience.

Mr & Mrs Kimathi and Family

Lorna is not only a consummate professional but truly passionate about helping children to reach their potential through developing effective
language and literacy skills. She has helped me chart a path for my daughter who had post lingual hearing loss and a delayed start to
school, connecting us with various allied health and educational specialists. Lorna and her team have helped my daughter for almost 3 years. Taking her as a child with recently regained hearing (via use of hearing aids) and no English language skills, to where she has now
accelerated to class 4. I am grateful to Lorna for not only her professional support but personal care and commitment to my daughter.

Karen Robinson

Our very first meeting with Lorna gave me a great deal of confidence that i was finally at the right place. By the end of that first meeting i got to know for the first time the specific challenge areas that we needed to concentrate on so as to help my daughter along with her speech and i was also equipped with practical skills to further aid her progress. Six months down the line, my daughter can express herself much more clearly and this has given her confidence to make friends at school!


Mama Njambi

I first sought Lorna’s help for my son, mainly for his speech. She quite professionally took time to assess and come up with a plan. I really appreciate the way she values the parents' input and considers them while she is planning a therapy for the child. I brought my child to her at the age of 2.5 years much before he was diagnosed to have mild Autism. We were able to access the benefits of early intervention mainly speech therapy with the help of Lorna. Lorna has been extremely supportive in our journey.

My son is 5.5 years now and anyone could see the tremendous improvement in his speech. Early Intervention is the key in such conditions and I am glad Lorna has done a good job here. Lorna has been training many therapists so that a larger population can have access to such services. Her unit undergoes rapid turnover of the therapists but that has not compromised the quality of the service that they provide. I know Lorna since that time for my son and do not hesitate to discuss with her any issue pertaining to her field. She gives all her time to listen and advices appropriately.

I feel proud to recommend her to any of my colleague, friend or my patients, as I have experienced her services myself. Speech therapy services are quite few in the country and not really affordable for some. Lorna is working hard to provide an affordable, uninterrupted service that the country is really in need of. We really need to support her in this great initiative.

Dr Rohini Patil MBBS, MD (Paed)

Our 3 year old daughter was struggling with stammering when we
decided to seek for help from a speech therapist -Lorna Muthamia- Ochido who was came highly recommended by friends and my daughter’s school. She did very a thorough initial assessment which revealed that our daughter indeed stammered and also had a lisp, something that we were completely unaware of. Lorna was very friendly and skillful that our
daughter barely noticed that she was being assessed.

Lorna exceeded our expectations in 4 aspects:

1.Our daughter was stutter free within a period of one year,with two therapy sessions per week.

2. She was lisp free within three months with 1 session therapy per week.

3.She consistently exhibited high level of skill and patience with our  then 3 year old daughter; quickly adopting new strategies to keep her 
focused, interested and engaged until the end of a 40-minute session. She fully equipped us with strategies to use daily at home.

4. She would send us very helpful weekly progress reports stating the
progress achieved and next target.

Overall, I highly recommend any parent to Lorna for her outstanding services which gave us tangible results. Our daughter is flourishing in all aspects of her life, thanks to the confidence restored by Lorna.


My son Brian is now 8 years. Brian is profoundly deaf and got cochlear 
implanted at 5 years, which was quite late for
language development. So it required a lot of effort from therapists and 
family to have him develop speech.

I sought guidance from Lorna and she was very supportive and reassuring 
about my son's prognosis. She, together with her team have worked 
tirelessly with my son and now my son has developed speech, can read and understand. He is now in grade 2- mainstream.

I am happy to have landed in Lorna's hands. The best decision we made 
for our son. Thanks Lorna

Mama Brian

I am a developmental pediatrician practicing at Gertrude’s children’s hospital. In this capacity I have worked with Lorna and find her to be very professional and passionate about her work. She is very thorough when evaluating children and is comfortable interacting with other professionals in a multidisciplinary team. She has been a pleasure to work with. 

Dr Alliya Mohamed, MD FAAP.

Lorna provided professional support to our son Perez, who has Autism.
The professional support touched on assessment and speech therapy. What impressed me about Lorna's approach in her assessment was her level of professional competence and superior assessment tools that provided us with in-depth information which was very useful in the speech therapy and academic development sessions for our son.

Additionally, the speech therapy sessions facilitated by Lorna and her team were professionally administered and had great results on our son's speech and language skills.

I highly recommend Lorna to any parent looking for speech therapy services.

Kind Regards, 

Anne Kyoya, Bsc. MA (UoN), MA. (OCMS/Leeds) and Dr. (Ongoing)

I have known Lorna for 22 years, and for the last 3 years my 2 children have been in her care after we decided to homeschool our children. 

When she was 17 years old and straight out of high school, Lorna moved from Kenya to New Zealand with her 5 year old baby sister who had a speech and hearing impairment. Lorna had made up her mind that she would go to the best schools in the world to learn everything she could about early childhood development so that she could give her sister the best tools to set her up for a life of purpose and fulfillment.

This early commitment to her sister’s wellbeing is not only testimony to Lorna’s character and drive, but she has carried through with it as a lifelong passion, with the same empathy and dedication.

Lorna has real skin in the game. She built her skills and her profession in New Zealand and Australia to give her sister all the help that she needed. If it was good enough for her sister, then it’s good enough to be shared with the thousands of children that she will teach with this online platform.

June Arunga Kimani




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