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My name is Lorna Muthamia, I am a passionate and experienced speech pathologist, and the founder of Speech Therapy Totos.

I feel the most fulfilled when I’m teaching and when I am empowering. I also feel fortunate that I discovered my calling in life; a way for me to do meaningful work.

I enjoy working with children, and I equally enjoy empowering parents and therapists (and allied health assistants), who also wish to make the work we’re doing, their meaningful contribution to the world.

It is the reason I created our online courses for parents, and the Speech Therapy Totos Online Training School (STTOTS), an online platform equipped with courses for therapists and allied health professionals wishing to learn how to employ evidence-based practices when working with children.

Professional Background

I graduated from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, started my career in NZ, before relocating to Melbourne, and again to Nairobi, Kenya, where I’ve spent a little over 10 years developing systems and sustainable models of practicing to counteract the severe shortage of speech therapy services. I was able to start and run a practice that is currently the largest provider of speech therapy services in the region.

Being able to offer services that provide out-of-the-box solutions that ensure better and more widespread access and subsequently more impact, is my driving force. I have been able to prove that you begin from right where you are. My experience developing speech therapy services in an underserved region is proof that you can make an impact despite the state of things, and you start by challenging how things have been done, and envision how they could be improved, then you put blinders on and just focus on the work that needs to be done.

There is always more that can be done; it is not enough to just settle for what is the norm, or the easiest thing to do.

I have also completed my research Master’s at La Trobe University, Australia. My research centred on the role that educators play in successfully teaching reading, spelling and writing skills to early graders.

I never find the ‘comfort zone’ comfortable.

My areas of interest include:

I am able to realise the fastest gains for the following parents:

  • Those who are committed to the process.
  • Those who wish to learn how to improve their child’s outcomes.

How we can help

Other roles I currently juggle:

Mom: 3 children, who I have home-schooled for the past 8 years

Problem-Solver: I so freely describe myself as an ardent problem-solver. My brain enjoys the challenge, and process of finding solutions. The work I do as a speech pathologist has benefited from this predilection (compulsion)

Entrepreneur: Goes hand in hand with problem-solving. I enjoy doing meaningful work

Learner for Life: I enjoy bending my mind, courting different perspectives, and allowing my mind to consider that most things can be challenged

Core Purpose


To improve the life chances of children through the improvement of their communication, learning and social skills, in order for them to live out their full potential, and empower parents and other stakeholders with evidence-based knowledge that enables them to support their learners to achieve the same



To exemplify what is possible in the advancement of children’s communication and learning outcomes through innovative approaches that utilise sustainable models



Accessible, sustainable practices, effective speech therapy for all children, learning opportunities for children and stakeholders involved with improving communication and improved learning outcomes for children afflicted with communication challenges.

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