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We optimize communication and learning outcomes for your loved ones. In other words, we can make your child talk, talk better, read better, and yes; we can even make your child smarter!


Are you worried  your child may have autism?

I encourage you to take the FREE autism test and get some idea of what’s what... for all you know, your child may just be displaying language delay and not actually Autism.


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Any parent concerned with the progress of their child or any adult with concerns about their communication skills can self-refer themselves for our services.

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Early SCREENING for Autism Makes a Lifetime of Difference


Speech-Language Therapists quite simply, work to improve outcomes (academic, social, literacy, etc.) for children as well as their overall communication skills and they work with adults to likewise, improve their communication (speaking skills, presentation skills, pronunciation, etc.) skills.

In Kenya, most people are familiar with speech therapists working with children or adults with known language /communication delays or even specific disorders, but what most don’t realize is
that speech therapists can and do also work with normally developing children.

What is Speech and
Language Therapy?

Hey, I'm Lorna Muthamia

Lorna is passionate about children in general and passionately engages people on issues relating to child development and making the early years count. She is equally passionate about improving literacy outcomes for children and early detection for early intervention.

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Speech Therapy Toto's mission is to provide evidence based services that seek to not only improve communication and learning outcomes for children, but also seek to empower and educate parents and institutions who are key agents to ensuring children exploit their full potential. 

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Is your child delayed in their talking?
Your child is delayed if they have not achieved;

● 5 words at 15 months
● 25 - 50 words at 18 months
● 200 - 300 words at 2 years
● 1000 words at 3 years

Learn how to make your child talk more or talk better through Africa’s first online course for parents, LATE - TALKER’S Bootcamp 1.0/2.0

Late-talker's bootcamp (LTB)

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