Worried your child is delayed in talking? Access Module 1 of my Late Talker’s Bootcamp.


We have served 40,000+ children since the clinic first opened in Nairobi over 10 years ago.

Following the events of recent years, this service has now expanded to online (telehealth) sessions to serve anyone in any part of the globe.

Speech Therapy Totos was founded by Lorna Muthamia-Ochido out of not just a need to solve the severe shortage of speech therapists in Kenya, but out of a personal need. I, like the parents that seek our services, have walked this journey with a loved one. We are unified by a singular mission and vision to ensure that no single child who receives our services is left behind.
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Early Intervention for Late Talkers

Are you concerned by your child’s lack of vocabulary?
They may be classified as a ‘late-talker’, and this is how we can help

Articulation (Pronunciation) Therapy

Do you find yourself misunderstanding your child or having to translate what they say to others?
If so… your child may have an articulation disorder, and this is how we can help

Language Therapy

Does it feel like your child’s communication skills don’t compare to their age-mates?
If so… your child may have a type of language disorder/delay, and this is how we can help
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Stuttering Therapy

Is your child suddenly struggling to say words/phrases they previously said effortlessly?
If so… your child may have a type of dysfluency disorder, and this is how we can help

Cleft Palate Speech Therapy

Was your child born with a cleft lip/palate?
If so… your child may be using maladaptive strategies to pronounce sounds, and this is how we can help

Literacy (Reading) Therapy

Is your child making slow reading progress or starting to avoid reading?
If so… your child may be developing a reading disorder/, and this is how we can help

Auditory Processing Therapy

Does your child often misunderstand what is said to them?
If so… your child could have auditory processing difficulties, and this is how we can help


I trusted Lorna from the get go! Her experience in speech therapy is what any parent would look for, for the early years of learning… I got a chance to appreciate the work that goes into creating learning content for early learners. It didn’t seem easy to put together, but it was done in such a way that made the child enjoy learning.

Mama Skye

We first met Lorna when she was referred to us as a speech therapist for our son. After we saw how quickly our son’s speech improved (and how Lorna integrated academic concepts into the therapy), we realized Lorna has a gift for working with children. Lorna is someone you follow. Lorna…has our highest possible recommendation.

Mama & Baba Gabriel, and Samuel

Our very first meeting with Lorna gave me a great deal of confidence that i was finally at the right place. By the end of that first meeting i got to know for the first time the specific challenge areas that we needed to concentrate on so as to help my daughter along with her speech and i was also equipped with practical skills to further aid her progress. Six months down the line, my daughter can express herself much more clearly and this has given her confidence to make friends at school!


I know Lorna since that time for my son and do not hesitate to discuss with her any issue pertaining to her field. She gives all her time to listen and advices appropriately. I feel proud to recommend her to any of my colleague, friend or my patients, as I have experienced her services myself. Speech therapy services are quite few in the country and not really affordable for some. Lorna is working hard to provide an affordable, uninterrupted service that the country is really in need of. We really need to support her in this great initiative.

Dr Rohini Patil MBBS, MD (Paed)