Episode 32: Is Your Child too Young to Start Speech Therapy?

Today’s topic is on a question that I get asked a lot by parents. ” Is my child too young for speech therapy ?” 

I have talked about this in previous topics stressing that there is nothing like the “right” age to start speech therapy

Speech therapy is  a way of life, it Is not something stigmatising. So do not panic when a paediatrician refers you for speech therapy services. 

It is a good thing if a communication disorder or communication delay has been identified sooner rather than later. This is because the brain is the most malleable the first 3 years of life which I have talked about in my Late -Talker’s Bootcamp Course; an online course for parents.  In this course, I expound on the Critical Brain Development (CBD) period, and how there is such a small window of opportunity for your child to be able to have a strong foundation for all other learning.  

Why it is Important to Identify a Communication Disorder or Speech and Language Delay Early

There is a very good chance of fully remediating or mitigating a communication disorder without compromising  your child’s potential if the disorder is identified at an early age or at the earliest instant. If you have a child that is delayed in talking or is a late-talker,  having them evaluated by a speech therapist at 18 months or at even 12 months will do no harm. 

Your child might not go into speech therapy at that age but it will beneficial because you will walk out of that session with some good tips on what to start doing  at home to avert any potential communication disorders. So,

  1. Is your child too young for speech therapy? NO
  2. Is your child too young to have optimal, home environment and interaction from the care-givers that are attending to them? I DON’T THINK SO.

If you think about it that way or if you think about it as a way of life, then no child is ever too young for speech therapy.

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Final Word

I hope this post has answered the question on whether your child or a child you know is too young for speech therapy.

If you have a friend or a family member who is grappling with whether to have their child go for speech therapy, please share this post with them.

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